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3 November, 2017

Behold the Woman

Our granddaughter, Rochelle Hale, now a student at Western Washington University in Bellingham, where she's following a study path to become a human rights lawyer with a focus on human trafficking law. She's just gotten certification to be a legal advocate for minorities in immigration courts. A really smart woman. She's also been working out diligently and following a dietary discipline that's seen her become a vegan. A really beautiful soul.

22 October, 2017

Behold the Man

Our grandson, Michael Hale, has entered his senior year at Tahoma High School outside Seattle. His high school football team has qualified for the playoffs, which is exciting. Michael is unsure of his future path, but he's found a passion for science and math, and is growing geometrically. This week Grandpa is saying pilot; Grandma just wants happy. Mom agrees with the latter, but likes the sounds of the former.


14 September, 2017

A Feral Cat's Hard Existence


Orange Kitty. who lived in the neighborhood for seven years before he let anybody touch him. Then, Caroline stroked his tail and it was all over. It took several months before he'd come in the house, but from that moment on he was ours. Now he sleeps with us, is a glutton for rubbing, gives big juicy kisses, and lives the life of leisure with a full belly and the run of the house. It's tough, but he's a survivor.


23 August, 2017

King Jesus Disciples' Johnny Gray Passes Away


In the early '90s, The King Jesus Disciples became one of the most popular street acts at Seattle's famed Pike Place Market. Their infectious a capella 'street gospel' was anchored by the Alabama-drenched voice of The Legendary Johnny Gray (right above).

After hearing the homeless trio perform late one night under an echoing overhang outside a lower Queen Anne Hill bank, Terry approached his friend Cliff Lenz of Starwind Music--longtime host of Seattle Today on KING5-TV and an accomplished composer/musician--with the idea that Terry would engineer and Cliff would produce a CD at Terry's Seattle recording studio. The Disciples could then sell the CD at their appearances to raise money. The cover of the resulting CD is pictured above. The King Jesus Disciples sold hundreds and hundreds of the CDs through the years.

A couple of weeks ago, Cliff emailed Terry to inform him that Johnny Gray had passed away after a long battle with cancer. We remember Johnny fondly, and wish him an Eternity of Harmony.

To hear the title track of The Disciples CD, click here or on the CD above.



15 August, 2017

Terry Mac's Latest Oil Painting



22 July, 2017

Latest from a Great Teacher and Artist


In October 2002, Caroline and Terry walked into the Annapolis Michael's in search of a decorative piece of some sort. Sitting near the front of the store doing a demonstration of "Painting with a Palette Knife" was D.E. Simmons, who was to become Terry and Caroline's teacher and good friend. Impressed by her dexterity with the tool and the art she displayed, Terry joined her class that evenin. For the next few years, Terry became a regular class member. He and Caroline even hosted sessions in their home.

From D.E. Simmons (nee Diane) Terry learned form and structure, the play between lightness and darkness, and the secrets to mixing oil colors. Caroline even attended some classes, finishing several wonderful works of her own.The results? Over 100 paintings now hanging in their home in Annapolis and with friends and family around the country.

That little trip into Michael's was a life-changer.

"If you're going to learn, learn from somebody who's an expert. If she's a gentle soul, all the better."

And though Diane moved to a cabin in West Virginia years ago, what she's taught her students is alive in every painting they complete. Her classes continue at arts and crafts stores in northwest D.C. and across Western Maryland and West Virginia.

D.E. Simmons is a great teacher, and a great artist. Her latest work is displayed above. The vivid reds of the blossoms just jump off the greens of the cactus. And the thorns and other details speak to her mastery of the palette knife. She's a real talent, who'll always be "Coach" to Terry.


10 July, 2017

Two Sweet Hearts Move Back to Texas



Two weeks ago, Ezme and Clara moved back to Austin--their birthplace--with their mother. Caroline and I feel so blessed by the two magical years watching and helping them grow while they lived across the street. (When they moved to Annapolis in 2015, Ezme was just turning two and Clara was ten-months old.) Now, to paraphrase Max the Dog from one of their favorite movies, The Secret Life of Pets, "...oh, we miss them so much!"

We are so proud of those two girls. What characters! We wish them a great new life filled with happiness.


10 July, 2017

Memory for a Friend

"Old Nantucket Tree"

(In Memory of Paul Dull)

Paul Dull was a good friend. A junior high and high school basketball teammate whom I knew since 7th grade. A few years ago, Paul attended a family wedding in Nantucket; outside the inn where he and his wife Colleen stayed was this amazing old tree. Paul sent me a picture of it, and urged me to paint it. I never got around to it while Paul was alive.

Today, we're boxing up the original oil-on-canvas (finished in May) and shipping it off to Colleen. We hope she and all of Paul's family enjoy this painting for years to come.


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