29 June, 2015

"Peppers nd a Turquoise Tray"

T.R. MacDonald's Latest Oil Painting



20 June, 2015


T.R. MacDonald's Latest Oil Painting



7 July, 2015

"Isthmus Season"

T.R. MacDonald's Latest Oil Painting


17 May, 2015

American Heroes Channel Presents

Storming Normandy


American Heroes Channel presents the premiere of “Storming Normandy”, a 2-hour documentary special,
Memorial Day, Monday May 25th at 8 PM Eastern & Pacific, with a re-airing at 10. It’s all part of AHC’s “Salute to Sacrifice”.
The documentary tells the story of the brutal paths leading from D-Day to the liberation of Paris.

They’re all here—Hitler, Rommel, Eisenhower, Churchill, Patton, Montgomery; as well as all the heroes on the front lines.
Seen through the lenses of the heroic combat photographers and filmographers of WWII, “Storming Normandy” shows what truly was at stake —
nothing less than "...the freedom of Europe, the future of America, and the fate of the world."

“Storming Normandy” is narrated by Terry MacDonald, under the direction of AHC’s Marissa Lucy.
We hope you’ll join us. Check your cable guide for The American Heroes Channel—and set your DVR.

To see the show's opening sequence, click on the play button below...



3 May, 2015

Terry Narrates History of Maryland Horse Racing --

World Premiere May 13


Terry recently narrated a great new documentary, "Racing the Times", which recounts the grand history of horse racing in Maryland.

The program is produced by Rubicon Productions; Terry was directed by Drew Perkins.

The documentary's world premiere will be May 13 at Baltimore's historic Senator Theatre.

It's world broadcast premiere will be during Preakness Week on Maryland Public Television.

To see a short snippet of "Racing the Times", click on the play button below...


27 April, 2015

This Month's Favorite New / Old Client


Through the years, Terry has been the voice of multiple videos for Orbital.

Now, there's a new company on the scene: Orbital ATK.

They have a new video and radio campaign with Terry as voice.

To watch the first minute of Orbital ATK's new video, click on the graphic below...



5 April, 2015

Funny Girl in Austin


Easter Sunday in the East Texas blubelle fields.

Mariah Ziegler took her two cuties -- Ezme (1.5) and Clara (.5) out for an Ester photo shoot.

Here's what ended up on her Facebook page...

... Mariah is a very funny girl.



3 May, 2015

Here's the New Client We Want Next


Sure, we have a lot of prestigious clients featured on our 'Clientele' page.

But we recently found a hot new target client at several stores in Austin.

Terry would "pay any price, bear any burden" to be 'THE VOICE OF BOUDREAUX'S BUTT PASTE"...



3 April, 2015

Emperor Po Survives 'The Cone of Shame'


Somehow, somewhere during our trip to Austin in March, Emperor Po injured his eye.

The injury first appeared in Asheville on our drive back home to Annapolis.

Soon, his iris ruptured through his cornea.

The good news is his opthamologist saved the eye.

Unfortunately, the Emperor then had to endure weeks of 'The Cone'...



29 March, 2015

Our Favorite New American Place Name


It used to be Bucksnort, Tennessee.

But now it's Eastaboga, Alabama.

And, of course, it's suburb--West Eastaboga...

9 March, 2015

"Blue Clematis"

(Dedicated to Diane Simmons)

T.R. MacDonald's Latest Oil Painting

Dedicated to my longtime friend and teacher, who was recovering from knee surgery the day I finished this work.

There would have been no "T.R. MacDonald Artworks" were it not for Diane Simmons.



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