30 June, 2014

Ezme Ziegler's First Steps


Okay, these may not be the VERY first steps, but they're the first ones the world witnessed. A very big event. Before long--hiking with big packs. Just hit the 'Play' button to witness it for yourself...


15 June, 2014

"O, Canada!"

(dedicated to Jon McComb)

T.R. MacDonald's latest oil painting ...


...this started out as an abstract--a form I want to explore. Somehow, though, I took a turn and ended up in the Canadian Rockies.
The dedication is to my lifelong friend Jon McComb, longtime host of "The World with Jon McComb" on CKNW Radio, Vancouver, B.C.
In April, Jon was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Radio Television News Directors of Canada for “distinguished and outstanding service and continued excellence during his career in broadcast journalism.”


10 June, 2014

Sam Creigh

"Wanted Man"

Way back in the day, Terry MacDonald and Sam Creigh were high school basketball teammates in Tucson. They went their ways--Terry into radio, the recording studio business, and voiceover; Sam into music and media production. Sam and his incredible wife, Vivien, moved to the hills of central Vermont to raise horses and babies. All along, Sam made music. In 2002, he released his first CD, "Green Mountain Flyer," and Terry produced a promo for the project, which appeared on Sam's website, samcreigh.com. This Spring, Sam has released his second album, and once again Terry has served as East Coast Under-Assistant Promo Guy. To hear Terry's promo, click on the CD cover below...


10 June, 2014


AHC Airs Terry's First-Ever Documentary:

"Vietnam POWs: Stories of Survival"


Last week, Terry was scanning the upcoming schedule at the newly re-named American Heroes Channel (check your local guide for the channel's location in your cable provider's lineup) and what did he see? AHC was airing "Vietnam POWs: Stories of Survival," Terry's first-ever documentary for The Discovery Channel. In 1998, this documentary won a national prime-time Emmy Award as "Outstanding Non-Fiction Special". The show was produced by Brian Leonard & Knightscenes for the Discovery Channel. To see the show's open, just lick on the graphic below....


8 June, 2014

The Latest Super Ezme Images

Okay, grandparents are allowed a certain uber-hyperbole regarding their newest grandbaby. Here are some of the the month's pics from Austin...



5 June, 2014


"Nazis: Evolution of Evil"

10-Part Series a Big Hit

"Nazis: Evolution of Evil", the 10-part smash hit narrated by Terry MacDonald, completed its initial run June 5th on the newly renamed American Heroes Channel.

For AHC, Executive Producer was John Terp. Coordinating Producer was Marissa Lucy. The producers say, "the show was a driving force behind AHC's great ratings in the first quarter" of the channel's existence. "Everyone is happy!"

Be looking for re-airings of the series throughout the coming year, and set your DVR so you never miss an episode.






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